about us


Roo collective is a line of clothing and accessories made out of organic and sustainable materials. All of our products are hand made and processed using natural materials without any chemicals. We use mostly organic linen and cotton for our clothing line which consist of extra light loose fitting garments perfect for any occasion of the day all year around and we use bamboo and palm leaves for our accessories. 

We are a slow fashion brand which carry timeless minimalistic styles that doesn't required a constant change to our styles like any other clothing brands, however we introduced new color injection once and a while and add an extension to any of the existing style to keep our collection current and fresh.

We want people to understand the concept of sustainability while being fashionable, we can also save the planet and not destroy them with countless destruction created by the process of garment manufacturing and not to mention the waste created during and after.

We also cater to wholesale market for hotels, restaurants, and boutiques or concept stores, just simply contact us via email in our contact page. 



Roo Collective.