ROO People #5: Yasir Bawazier

Yasir Bawazier is Founder and Creator of Roo Collective, a sustainable lifestyle brand inspired by living ocean side in his hometown, Bali-Indonesia. He created Roo collective to fill the need of more sustainable brands using organic and non chemically processed materials and promoting artesanal works in the global platforms. 

He's born in Indonesia, Educated in Europe and now resides full time in Mexico City, where he runs the brand in a little studio in San Rafael. During his time living in Bali, he created a street wear brand (Bleach Project) with its own production facility in the island and sold all over the world, but he saw that the wastage created and not to mention the pollution and how fashion industry constantly demanded new products without even finishing consuming the old one, he decided to shut down the previous brand and created Roo Collective with the idea of making beautiful timeless pieces that can be consumed slowly and create less carbon foot print in the world. 

Roo collective still actively works with artisans in Bali until this day with hope to work with other artisans all over the world. The idea of the collective was to bring and create new artisanal works in accessories, fashion and home goods to Mexico and hopefully the rest of the world. 

Pictured here wearing Navy Long sleeves Kaftan in Cotton Organic, which is available online in other colours too. 

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